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The Agile Eland

The largest antelope on Leopard Lodge is the Eland. This antelope may look heavy and bulky, but he is an agile animal, and one of the best jumpers too. He is a master of disguise in the African bush, his light brown colour enabling him to blend in perfectly. Often only the horns can be seen, glinting in the sun.

The Eland has straight horns with a twist, the male with a heavy dewlap and thick hair on the face. Eland can be heard some distance away, due to the fact that when they walk, they make a distinctive ‘clicking’ sound. There are a couple of theories to explain this noise, one being that their cloven hooves clack together when trotting, and another is that the sound comes from their knees. The Eland is both a browser and a grazer. Stalking and tracking Eland is a true hunting experience, and Leopard Lodge provides distinctive hilly terrain, offering a real African feel.

The Blue Wildebeest, also known as the Blue Gnu

Leopard Lodge has a healthy population of these antelope, and they are a common sight in the area.  Both females and males have parenthesis shaped horns.  They are considered an ugly animal by some, but they are agile, fast, and have a beautiful striped coat.  They are distributed quite widely throughout Africa, and can vary in colour. However, the Namibian animals often have the distinctive ‘blue’ colour with stripes covering the body, which can be clearly seen when close up.
They are a curious species and if walking in the bush around the lodge, one can often be seen in groups, which will keep a fair distance, but will then stand and stare for long periods.  At night at some times of the year, they will sleep around the lodge buildings, and can be heard ‘snorting’ and snuffling in the night.


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World Giraffe Day – 2014

To help raise awareness about declining giraffe numbers in Africa, Leopard Lodge and many other farms and lodges around Namibia are participating in a survey for the Giraffe Conservation Foundation.

Leopard Lodge currently has between 50 to 60 giraffe, and at the moment we have six young giraffe born in the last few months, join us in raising awareness and celebrating world giraffe day 2014

Did you know that there are nine species or subspecies of Giraffe?  In Namibia, our giraffe are the Angolan Giraffe (sometimes called the smoky giraffe). The Latin name is Giraffa Camelopardalis angolensis.

This type of giraffe is actually extinct in Angola, and there are thought to be less than 20,000 left in the wild.

A lovely sight on the lodge, often spread out in large herds over the hills, they can be seen from quite a distance away.  They are easily photographed, and will often be close to the lodge itself and on the access road, and can be seen on entering and leaving the lodge.

Giraffe fans are always welcome at Leopard Lodge.

Look forward to seeing  you soon.
More information on world giraffe day: